Friday, 20 April 2012

vintage ..

NINJA go Green

PHUA the LAdy

Just another opinion of the innocent

Everyday there is no other issues that was raised by the newspaper, or television. Politic, POLItic and POLITIC. hehehe. until those thing become so boring and annoying. no offence here. just my opinion and concern to the society and nation. :D

As what I observed everybody were so fanatic and desire to know about their 'favourite' politician or the party. Keep on commenting and insulting each other. It is good but try to keep it in a very mannererrrr way. as a young adult I see it really hard for me to make a good decision..once again I stated here no offence.

Thus, I hope in future please be a good example to us. The rakyat :D thank you

Monday, 9 April 2012

set fire to the rain

it just killing me..hahaha..dont know why i just suddenly wanted to post something tonight..might be some of you wondering why I use that title..because of my obsession to the song right now...just keep on playing and repeating in my head roght now...despite a lot of work that I have to do...writing something on my blog may help to release the tense and portrayed all my feeling and the urge inside my messy and chaos what is going in my head..think about a lot of might be something so personal to the frustrating that the teenagers like me cannot do something that I I comment on someone blog just noe..I said that,"not everyone will have what they want..just accept it as a lesson of life" huhhh...need to stop now..or else I keep on mumbling and Blaaa..Blaa...Bla  all the night :D

I love this guy.. ZAYN MALIK :D
hepi monday all :)