Thursday, 7 February 2013

.. I'm in love

hello gorgeous and beautiful :)

i have been collecting a very cute camera since last year. it is not actually that collecting but i already have 2 types of cute and vintage camera. the first one i bought it last year that just cost me about RM50.. i've posted  the picture before. u can read it here--> LOMO .

my new "baby"

that cute picture in the middle is the example of picture that my "baby" printed's instant :)
so, this time i decided to buy polaroid for my next collection. an instant camera is already in my bag. it just suit for me to kept my memory about nice place and event :)

siapa yg berminat can check out at regalo one jaya kuching. I reccomended this shop because they give u the best lowest price in town. mine just only rm275 and free 2 stack of film which consist 10 sheet each. mun kdey lain sma hrga tpi nya xda free 2. we kan Malaysian so ada memilih cerewet ckit when we bought something mahal, mesti want free-give. you can buy it from the price as low as rm282. this instax camera also comes with variaties of colour. visit this link for more info : RegaloGift

p/s mk mintak komisyen from regalo..aku dh promote kdey cdak ><

Sunday, 20 January 2013

He is my brother. Khuzaimi

happy sunday morning everybabeyh~ so today i wanna post about my little brother. the youngest born of our family. hehe. this year is his first time to enter the primary school. but i missed the day because that day also happen to be my first day to class. but i know he will be okay. he comes out to be very naughty, curios and camera maniac :) maybe he is influenced by me or my other siblings. hahaha..

 him rock the shoot solo xD

ignore both of my weird face. lol

anyway, His birthday is just around the 3 days. 23rd January 2013, 7 yers old

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I miss my pencil

hello gorgeous. just read my title and it has nothing to do with my post..haha..actually I have lost my pencil box yesterday..after the Titas Class..It just *poooFF* disappeared.

anyway..these are my latest sketch. :) hope can improve my drawing skill .

Monday, 14 January 2013

Affendy Wasli: Limited is Style

I'm back fellas

after a few attempt to post up something on my blog i decided to just post up some sketch..originally from me :)
do notice that i have new logo for my sketch
'Limited is Style' :) love it

it's kinda weird rite? hahaha..this is my first time to draw such detail figure..with accessories and 'bengkok' hand like that. although u guys might call it simple but for me it is already that i'll be posting the rest of my sketch later..just wait :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

I'm falling again

adeyhh...after like 10 times and above watching the Little Things by one direction video.. I was still like awwwww... with the sweet lyrics anybody will be melting while you listening to it..thx to Ed Sheran for the super sweet honey bee song ><

the lyrics :)

these are the snapshot from the music video : 

funny but yet my fav moment for this video xD

his pure eys *.*

le craving of the day

haiihh..kesian geng kita hrini..satu samarahan d pusing x jmpa2 dgn DONUT yg di idam2kan.. batang tebu ada lah dapat..bak kata M, nasib x mnyebelahi..xpa2..mggu depan kita enjoy bena2...smpey ke miri kita crik DONUT..

hahha.. itu cerita last week.. this one cerita tdi..selepas frust mnjawab soalan ES..but hopefully LULUS..abis lunch pegi la mencari donut..bukan mencari tapi mengunjungi..mengunjungi la sgt..gerai yg jual donut kt DI..msih ksong atas stall tpi semua malu nak kelua tnya dgn mak cik donut -.-'' xda muka lain yg crik donut..klau btol time x la ksah sgt..haha..kesian eyhh..xpa2...esok msh ada ...