Tuesday, 24 July 2012

senarai kek lapis tahun 2012

tok sambungan post pagi tdik ya. xda ambk for org jauh2. just untuk kenalan skitar kuching and org dlm kampus. mun mk order cntact jak fb. cya kita berondeng :)

selain daripada kek lapis yang terdapat di dalam gambar di atas. msh ada gk kek lapis lain. tapi xda cntoh gmba la..sorry for the inconvenience :)
tok adalah senarai kek lapis yang boleh takrang order:
  1. blueberry choc
  2. cheese
  3. choc cheese
  4. choc strawberry
  5. evergreen
  6. honeydew choc
  7. keladi
  8. horlick
  9. oreo
  10. sehati berdansa
  11. choc chip
  12. lapis susu
  13. lapis kopi
  14. mutiara
  15. masam manis
  16. sisik ikan
  17. pandan cheese
  18. ice-cream cheese
  19. tembikai
  20. choc kandos
harga kek lapis ya adalah berdasrkan saiz..

saiz 3x8 harganya adalah RM10.00

saiz 8x8 harganya adalah RM45.00

namun harga bagi choc kandos is RM 15.00 untuk yang 3x8
dan RM50.00 untuk yang 8x8

untuk org dlm kampus yang da bca post tok..bleh ambk borg tmpahan..mun kita knal la..or cntact thru fb pudieyn . klik jak bnda ya. or u can text me at......... 0148****** .. pkey fb jak dlok ohh :D

tapi..utk kwn2 d sekitar kuching u can also cntact me..but make sure u r serius to buy the item. bulan posa tok x bgus nak main2 eyh .
kek lapis ya d tanggung HALAL

Monday, 23 July 2012

Tempahan Biskut Raya n Kek lapis

assalam semua. so this post is special for kwn2 yg knal aku..eyh??mun kwn mestinya kenal.. xkan ambik tempahan dari anonymous.. heee..so ktk org geng2 yang berminat u can contact me through my fb n twitter..n if u know my phone number just text me k..tempahan terakhir adalah seminggu before raya..mun dah lepas ya xda ambk gk..seriously..nyaman aie :D

the anniversary

salam ramadhan to all muslims.. so do you notice about the countdown on the right side of my blog? or the left side..i'm not sure about the orientation..its tomorrow ..ooppps! ITS TODAY! change ur Fb profile pic and twitter icon to this pic ----->

true directioner :D

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Running Man Ha Dong Hoon-HARORO


so..i will share u about the character that i like in running man..at first i really like Ji Hyo much because of her fierce and beautiful character..but ..recently i am going crazy towards HARORO :D

he is just so cute..or i can say like acting cute..no matter what he did it will look very cute..especially when he shout or angry to something..

Haroro real name is HA DONG HOON or HAHA :D

Ha Dong Hoon (Hangul하동훈; born on August 20, 1979), better known by his stage name Haha (Hangul:하하) is a German-born.

South Korean recording artistactorpresenter and stand-up comedian. He is best known for being in the sitcom, Nonstop and for co-hosting the show, Running Man.

This is some of his cute pororo image :D

my facebook dp

the sweetest birthday wish ever :D

so. this is my latest tweet about this lad.. hehehe..so recently after their tour is over the boys just dont stop tweeting about what they did everyday.. especially niall almost everyday my phone will ringing if he post a tweet.. but ...zayn malik~~~  he only tweets this after the tour.. and it was the most sweet wish ever..altho it was so simple but........

 awwww~ hope u can wish for my birthday too. nice one!

Monday, 9 July 2012

the 'healthy diary' project :)

its not that i want to look good.. but its about my future maybe..lately, i start to think what happen if i continuing to eat whatever is in front me.. so im thinking about to come up with this HEALTHY DIARY project.. i have read once that..if we try to record what have we eat in a day there might be the possibility we will try to reduce the amount or change our diet. frankly said that as a student its quite hard for me to control my diet. it is because i have no fix eating time and always skip meals. so, this gonna be a very big challenge for me to do it. just wait n see the result. :D chaiyok!

Monday, 2 July 2012

the countdown

directioner, this is the month for the boys. their 2nd anniversary is just around the corner :D i think it will fall on the fasting month. have prepared anything for it? hehehehe