Thursday, 7 February 2013

.. I'm in love

hello gorgeous and beautiful :)

i have been collecting a very cute camera since last year. it is not actually that collecting but i already have 2 types of cute and vintage camera. the first one i bought it last year that just cost me about RM50.. i've posted  the picture before. u can read it here--> LOMO .

my new "baby"

that cute picture in the middle is the example of picture that my "baby" printed's instant :)
so, this time i decided to buy polaroid for my next collection. an instant camera is already in my bag. it just suit for me to kept my memory about nice place and event :)

siapa yg berminat can check out at regalo one jaya kuching. I reccomended this shop because they give u the best lowest price in town. mine just only rm275 and free 2 stack of film which consist 10 sheet each. mun kdey lain sma hrga tpi nya xda free 2. we kan Malaysian so ada memilih cerewet ckit when we bought something mahal, mesti want free-give. you can buy it from the price as low as rm282. this instax camera also comes with variaties of colour. visit this link for more info : RegaloGift

p/s mk mintak komisyen from regalo..aku dh promote kdey cdak ><

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