Sunday, 20 January 2013

He is my brother. Khuzaimi

happy sunday morning everybabeyh~ so today i wanna post about my little brother. the youngest born of our family. hehe. this year is his first time to enter the primary school. but i missed the day because that day also happen to be my first day to class. but i know he will be okay. he comes out to be very naughty, curios and camera maniac :) maybe he is influenced by me or my other siblings. hahaha..

 him rock the shoot solo xD

ignore both of my weird face. lol

anyway, His birthday is just around the 3 days. 23rd January 2013, 7 yers old

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I miss my pencil

hello gorgeous. just read my title and it has nothing to do with my post..haha..actually I have lost my pencil box yesterday..after the Titas Class..It just *poooFF* disappeared.

anyway..these are my latest sketch. :) hope can improve my drawing skill .

Monday, 14 January 2013

Affendy Wasli: Limited is Style

I'm back fellas

after a few attempt to post up something on my blog i decided to just post up some sketch..originally from me :)
do notice that i have new logo for my sketch
'Limited is Style' :) love it

it's kinda weird rite? hahaha..this is my first time to draw such detail figure..with accessories and 'bengkok' hand like that. although u guys might call it simple but for me it is already that i'll be posting the rest of my sketch later..just wait :)