Thursday, 28 June 2012

attention DIRECTIONER :D u will meet them

this great news was hitting me so hard.. just like a dream comes true.. I have the chance to meet the lads :D

hahaha..kidding.. here i announce that there are one of the fangroup in #twitter want to create a fansite. they a finding staff for the webpage. they need staff to post a picturer or news about the boys and if u have any knowledge in using photoshop, HTML, or wordpress u r needed.. the most important thing is the passion and commitment.

I have been thinking about this. at first i really eager to join the fansite but............

what u waiting for. mybe ZAYN, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS or HARRY will be the one who read ur news about them. xD

click this for more info or if u r interested :Done direction web project

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

craving of this moment

I just need to list it and think which one is the priority. despite i need to save my money for monthly spending.
  1. varsity jacket. since last month, i really2 want to have this on my closet. but still consider i dont have enough money to buy one. sigh~
  2. vacation ticket. this I cant reveal it due to some circumstances.
  3. pizza hut. i hve promised my classmates to go there once. because we got tone of the voucher of KFC n PIZZA HUT from shell.
  4. serikin. this morning, Hana just invited me to go there. this is my third time to go to serikin with them. this time our mission is for raya shopping. I mean Hana's mission :D

sigh~ sigh~ sigh~

zayn is back *tweet tweet*

my zayn is back..don't want to say much..just see, watch or read this photos..I don't know the correct terms -.-'

awww..apology is accepted zayn..

so..if u want to follow him..just search for him on twitter..and u can follow me too :D

u can follow me..just click this and click the follow button on the screen..thnaks..gracias..salamat directioner :D

Lonesome George died

Do you know him? more than 100 years-old Pinta Island tortoise said the Galapagos National Park service. He was discovered on Pinta Island in 1972 when the species of  its type was believed extinct. there are many efforts to breed him, but its failed.

."Later two females from the Espanola tortoise population (the species most closely related to Pinta tortoises genetically) were with George until the end,"the park service said.

for more info u can read at The Sydney Morning Herald

Sony Tablet S

its not new.. but its superhot.. recently, when I walked with my lil bro at Tj I saw this incredible gadget..the cheapest than other tablet by sam###g and A###e :D

mybe will be in my future plan..if..there is no other new tablet will be publish..and that gadget must be cooler than this..watcha!

if u haven't saw this efficient yet cool gadget..check this out :)

the ads at sony webpage

this app is the one that i like

so, interested? what u waiting for..oh my, right now how I wish i have 100 million in my hand *.*

Just For You

i have read ur fb post this morning..sorry cause i didn't call or message u for this past few days.. I haven't reload my phone..that's why :) sorry

but u must remember..

so just


haha..funny cat...jokercat!

Eleanor Tomlinson wannabe

if u read most of the one direction fan blog or webpage this is the news that will make u wanna cry xD

I like both of them..when I saw most of their picture together, they look so cute , cute and cuteee.

when Louis mom personally wanted both of them to get married I am happy for both of them. even Louis's sister name her pet after Eleanor's name.
so, does Louis will be the first member of the band to married first?

> just wait and see Directioner < :D

Eleanor xD

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

re-branding of my blog

hey readers, so this is the history. I have re-branding my blog. I make up my mind to stay with this new title and new concept. simple but yet classy. classy ke? hehehe. With my registration with bloglovin and the blog in that cool website inspired me to be serious in this blog industry :p ..any comment about this new look? just share ur thoughts. THANKS

bloglovin thingy

this bloglovin thingy just make so enthusiastic with the blogger world..I seems like to continue updating my blog from time to just me who like to write..what i feel and what i like.."its the element of sharing" as one of my lecturer said.. so what u read in my blog is just a little crap of some crap in my mind :D
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super hot new tattoo by Zayn Malik

it just getting creative-errrr...the new tattoo of Zayn Malik(number eight tattoo) has caught my eyes..It is a microphone.. I tweet to him said that.. i want to sing using his hand xD I really3 like it.. i think this is the biggest tattoo that he has. its gonna melt a lot of directioner, I'm very sure of it.. if u try to stare on it... the art value of the tattoo is magnificient.. it looks like it is paint on a canvas or  paper.

Hot Guys Who cook

new heartthrob cooking show at Diva Universal channel 702. If u miss it then u RUGI~ hahaha.. every week there are some hot guy who will present and cook. I don't know which is the best, their look or their dish ..hmmmmm :D for more info click here don' miss the show every Monday 9pm .

personally, I am looking forward to watch Tom Price  :)