Wednesday, 31 October 2012

le'craving of the day

adeyhh..x abis2 dgn craving nya.. mybe it is just me who like to eat.. today is 30th Nov.. so maybe in 2 or 3 days elaun akan ligatlah kepala ini mencari idea nak menghabiskan duit -.- ko ada? ok2...this weekend ingt nk masak my craving deliciouse spghetti..hahaha..recently i like the mushroom mybe akan make the same thing as before..adeyhh..melelehhh ayak lioq..

ambik kau.. 0.0'

thx to Hanis Zalika for the magnificient haha

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

four flear? fler? flea? flat?

Thx H for the 'useful-for-last-minute-notes' . hehe.. at least i can answer the clause question. Hopefully :D

xoxo, pudieyn :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

final exam PPISMP 611 foundation :)

holla, tomorrow is the 'battle day' said by most of my coursemates. just has to blaja ringan2, x yah nk pksa2.

just a special good luck for all of us!
xoxo, pudieyn.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Style stylo :)

this style is suit for a MOVIE DAY with besties and rocking a concert!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

the in-thing : something u should wear if u are the trendy people.

Seriuosly, this few tips that I'll listed below is applicable for everybody. just have to be simple..and not forcing yourself to have all of it. remember, its all about you, not what you wear.

first IN-THING is. Colour Blocking outfit :)
what is colour blocking? it is about wearing a one solid colour block each. if you want to go for something retro, glamorous and colourful this is the best. for a beginner this the colour blocking wheel for you
The trick here is that. wear the colour which opposite of each other
for example, if you wear a deep blue jacket, a nice orange shirt is a good combination. On the other hand experimenting with a different kind of colour combination. this trend is all about NOT MATCHING, HAPPY, BRIGHT and OOPSY.

2nd In-THING is feathery accessories  hahaha..quite funny when I always think about the number of birds they use to make this accessories  the bird might just be extinct >< . the accessories can be an earring, hair clip, necklace or even a ring :D 

use just one side of this big feathery earring is a good choice :)

REMEMBER, this feathery thing just can be use for one item in one outfit. never use feathery earring, feathery ring and headband because you will look like an angry bird. seriously :) 

3rd IN-THING is pump shoes/heel. yup! it is a fashionable shoes of course. for a dinner gathering you might just want to catch some hot guy eyes, use a glittery and high shoes is just fit! but, it is not suitable for a long flowy dress. skirt, high-waisted skirt is a good companion for this heels 

Last but not least, the mysterious OWL. I know this is a creepy thing, but here in Kuching the owl accessories is easy to get. compare to the feathery. I'm experiencing shopping just to find the feather for (F) hahaha. although there are various kind, but an OWL brooch that I'm craving is a hard one :D

what you waiting for? grab one for your closet. all the items mention above are not only for girls but also for boys (obviously not for the pump heels la)

all you have to do is to be brave and experimental. don't overdo it! 

you know you love me x

should I?

oh my..i just like this month..full of fashion, colour and dinner. this is the time when the boys and girls giving their best for the night. ya, I know it just for 2 hours, but when ucan find that 2 hours to wear those bling2 and over-the-top dresses?

this season some of my friends approach me for some fashion advice. I know I am not that good. I give advise just based on what I have read and observed. that is the best way to use your eyes, spotted a bad and good fashion sense.
maybe I can open up a fashion advice service..makes money out of my hobby :D

after this I will post some of the highlight of the in-things for this season :D