Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 fashion report : creeper shoes

FIRST OF ALL. My 2012 fashion entry will be focusing on the shoes design or trend for this 2012 amazing year. Recently, I've seen the ankle boots is trending in men shoes world. 2011 have proof it when many of the runways show is using boots instead of some casual shoes.

new trend for 2012 is the CREEPER shoes!

the creepers shoes originally is for the soldiers in World war II but now it is use by the fashion maniac around the world. Check out these new trend and why don't u give it a try :)

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Monday, 2 January 2012


berakhir sudah tahun 2011..n aku dh masok kampus balik as pelajar sem 2...haisshh...xleh nak main2 lagi ni....kena gak try serius kan diri...bleh ke?....hehehe...mestila bleh pnye! hwaiting!..
n taun ni aku ada final exam for foundation..takut siot..kenak siap siaga..hehehe...so....as time goes on...i also wanted to try to use english in some of my entry..

jadi kita tinggalkan 2011 and cari n jadilah yg terbaik utk tahun 2012...n satu lagi...my bday adlah yg pling best taun ni... 

ko ade?!