Thursday, 28 June 2012

attention DIRECTIONER :D u will meet them

this great news was hitting me so hard.. just like a dream comes true.. I have the chance to meet the lads :D

hahaha..kidding.. here i announce that there are one of the fangroup in #twitter want to create a fansite. they a finding staff for the webpage. they need staff to post a picturer or news about the boys and if u have any knowledge in using photoshop, HTML, or wordpress u r needed.. the most important thing is the passion and commitment.

I have been thinking about this. at first i really eager to join the fansite but............

what u waiting for. mybe ZAYN, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS or HARRY will be the one who read ur news about them. xD

click this for more info or if u r interested :Done direction web project


  1. woww..this is a great news..:)i'm also one of the DIRECTIONER..hehehe..btw,i'm done following u #31

  2. hehhe..It's ur chance to really improve ur directioner level then..btw. thx for following.. i'll follow u aftr this :D