Wednesday, 27 June 2012

craving of this moment

I just need to list it and think which one is the priority. despite i need to save my money for monthly spending.
  1. varsity jacket. since last month, i really2 want to have this on my closet. but still consider i dont have enough money to buy one. sigh~
  2. vacation ticket. this I cant reveal it due to some circumstances.
  3. pizza hut. i hve promised my classmates to go there once. because we got tone of the voucher of KFC n PIZZA HUT from shell.
  4. serikin. this morning, Hana just invited me to go there. this is my third time to go to serikin with them. this time our mission is for raya shopping. I mean Hana's mission :D

sigh~ sigh~ sigh~

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