Friday, 12 August 2011

bila keboringan melanda.

i am a camera maniac..haha...though it just an ordinary camera..but i am always statisfied with what it have..BILA KEBORINGAN MELANDA,snap of camera is always on my face..haha..LOL...
this picture was taken when we having sports recreation class..actually the thing that is on my head is TALI that we use to learn ikatan and lilitan..haha..crazy isnt it??

this is another is also when i am in class..and i cant remember which class..haha
this LADY GAGA style is taken after our hostel finished the GOTONG ROYONG..i was so boring and i am crazy enough to take this such of picture..

i am so alone when i am on my way to PULANG rumah..its almost 6pm and im still in bus..waiting for the bus to depart..huh...what a pic and im feelin like the BANDUAN.

this two picture is being snap this morning...actually,this is my BANGUN TIDUR face..haha...i dont know why im feeling RASA KACAK everytime when im seen my BANGUN TIDUR face..

p/s:XD...kepada ibu2 mengandung dan pesakit jantung..tayangan gambar ini adalah berbahaya dan memualkan. :)

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