Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am mr. BUSY

haha..the funniest thing about this post...I have made the title for more than 3 times but the content, I have no time to do it..only now i have the time to write sumthing. for the past one month i have so many thing to do. With all the class that was full from mrning to 4pm, sumtime i have only 5 hours to sleep. As i said before to be here its really teach me a lot. The ELAM gives miracle to us. Its make our class unit, be as one, and realise what is wrong in the class that tears us apart. i can notice that after THE DAY we be more unite and alert each others feeling. hehe.. I want to share about yesterday activity. all the teslian cohort three was went to swimming pool and learn how to swim. it is consult by the PJ senior and we had so much fun. But for me, it really scared me that i cant swim even for 1 hour there. i think in the future i would like to learn more and practise more. Next week there will be dinner for Teslian. the theme for the nite is WHITE. hehe. some of my classmate NAIK GILA cause dunno what to wear for that nite. Then the following week, we will go to the KEM ALAPONG LUNDU fir camping trip 4 days 3 nites. it is some of our KK activity for this sem. andthen we will go for the ONE WEEK holiday.yayayay!!! cant wait it! hehe... so... thats all for this entry. love ya!!

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