Sunday, 17 July 2011

midnite inspire

haha...i just cant stop to posting abt fashion..i wanted to share abt my idol or inspiration...
firstly TYRA BANKS i bet everybody knows her..model n hot talented n i jus wanted to design sumthing for r sum of her grgeous pic
soft side n stongest face expression


i like this one!!

beside tyra..LADY GAGA is the new era of avant garde..always appear with sumthing weird n new..she really make me knew what is the best new design that is good for her

the newest one is HANA TAJIMA...i know her thru my fren..i think she is the most talented muslim's designer..a very fresh design n can suit well with nowadays fashion..before people always thought that wearing SHAWL is outdated n FASHIONLESS ,but hana tajima has proof it is wrong she herself wearing a scarf and her SHAWL is really stylo n different from the original ways of wearing shawl...this is some of her photos for u--->
this is beautiful HANA TAJIMA
this is one of her design under her own brand MAYSAA

with YUNALIS ZARAI who is also applying hana's shawl style

to be continued..

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